Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards

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Оракул мадам Ленорман - одна из самых известных карточных колод для гадания: ее привлекательная символика имеет большую силу, позволяющую предсказывать будущее.

Fortune Telling Cards according to the method of Mademoiselle Lenormand. Now is the time fortune telling has made real revival and has caught up to tarot and oracle cards, perhaps the most well known hard to find fortune telling cards are those of Mademoiselle Lenormand. This type of fortune telling card are published in different variations and this particular deck of cards has both the English poetic rhymes (similar to blue or white Owl) with playing card divination's including the 4 suits. There are also various card spreads to choose from in the instruction booklet.

Mlle. Lenormand lived in the nineteenth century, and was thought to have read for Napoleon. Mlle. Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards are supposedly a reproduction of the cards used during those times. The artwork is of the French Napoleonic era, though the printed rhymes on each card stand out more than the artwork. With pictures, rhymes and card suits by Mlle. Lenormand - 36 Cards are 6 cm x 9 cm approx.

Русскоязычное название Предсказательные карты мадемуазель Ленорман
Издательство US Games Systems, Inc.
Состав 36 карт + инструкция на английском языке
Размер карты 5,5 x 8,6 см
Размер упаковки 5,8 x 9 x 1,4 см
Вид издания колода
Язык английский
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